The GenCare Difference

The GenCare Lifestyle Difference

Our Culinary, Vitality, Stay Sharp and Life with Purpose programs are facets of what we call Whole Life Living™. Our intentional focus on these four facets helps our residents live healthier, happier and more connected lives. Our residents shine - we think they sparkle.

Whole Food Approach to Wellness

Welcome to our table. We’ll take care of the menu and shopping.

Experience Vitality with GenCare Lifestyle

Vitality isn’t Just a fancy word. Vitality is energy and a state of being strong and active.

Stay Sharp with GenCare Lifestyle

Exercise for the Mind. Want to learn, have fun and exercise your brain to continue navigating life brilliantly, we can help with that too!

Build Purpose with GenCare Lifestyle

Rediscover the power of purpose. We invite you to reimagine life with you at the center.


“GenCare is heads and shoulders above all the other homes I have visited”

-Dick Lootens