Healthcare Easier the Whole Life Connect Way

Exclusively at Point Ruston

At our Point Ruston location, GenCare Lifestyle has reimagined staying healthy through an innovative partnership with MultiCare Health System and Dispatch Health, a mobile urgent care service that delivers healthcare direct to you.

Here's How it Works

If you reside within Assisted Living or Memory Care, our team of dedicated nurses will coordinate and schedule all your visits whether they take place in your GenCare home or offsite at your doctor’s office. For active living residents, our RN Wellness Director will provide support services for: preventive and wellness care, minor illnesses and injuries or post-surgery, hospitalization or care for a serious medical condition and even hospice care.

We’re Here to Help!

From preventive care to surgical care and home health, GenCare Lifestyle’s Whole Life Connect Program is designed to bring as many services as possible right to you! Through our collaboration with MultiCare and Dispatch Health, we offer annual flu shots, annual wellness visits, advanced care planning, post surgery physical and occupational therapy, surgery scheduling, and post care support.



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